Leading energy consultancy, Trident Utilities, wins coveted Customer Service Award at Red Rose Awards 2024
Blackpool, Lancashire]: On 14th March, Lancashire Business View named Trident Utilities the winner of the Customer Service Award at the Red Rose Awards 2024. The award recognises those who go above and beyond to give first-class customer service, putting the customer central to everything they do. Previous winners include WCF Fuels North West and Chorley Group.

“I stated before the awards night that winning would showcase and recognise our purpose and people. I didn’t realise how that feeling would be magnified by winning the Customer Service Award so I’m blown away by how proud I am of the Trident team. We’re here to Make Net Zero & Energy Simple for our customers and providing award-winning service is a pillar of success that helps build trust in what we do for our customers.” says Michael Dugdale, Managing Director at Trident Utilities. “The customer service benchmark has been set and we look forward to the challenge of getting even better on service, and to supporting more customers on their net zero journey.”As the largest event of its kind in Lancashire, the Red Rose Awards celebrates business excellence, with the Customer Service Award showcasing Lancashire businesses that continue to face and meet new challenges while servicing customer needs and securing new opportunities.During a black-tie reception at Winter Gardens in Blackpool, Trident Utilities proudly secured the trophy for Customer Service.

Trident was founded with a vision to provide the highest levels of customer service, laying the foundation upon which the company has thrived for 23 years. Driven by its core company values, the business set out to provide a service vision that fulfils long term partnerships, built on connecting, discovering, collaborating and delivering.

As a proud sponsor of the Red Rose Awards, Trident has reinforced its dedication to making a positive impact in the community by announcing its commitment to offset the carbon emissions associated with all travel to and from the event.

Recognising the importance of reducing carbon footprints, Trident will plant trees in Lancashire through a reputable local offsetting scheme for every finalist and award winner who attended the Red Rose Awards. This initiative aims to not only mitigate environmental impact but also foster a greener, more sustainable future for the community.

Michael Dugdale added: “As proud sponsors of the Red Rose Awards, we believe it’s crucial to align our business values with actions that benefit the environment and the community. By offsetting travel emissions and investing in tree planting initiatives, we’re not only contributing to environmental conservation but also promoting the well-being of our local community.”

About Trident Utilities: Headquartered in Blackpool, Trident Utilities is a leading energy consultancy offering businesses across the UK solutions to deal with their energy costs, compliance issues and decarbonisation opportunities.