From Leyland to Maastricht!

Robert Bamford, founder of R&E Bamford, was born in 1883 in Bretherton, Lancashire and worked in the neighbouring village of Croston. Robert started his career as a weaver at the local cotton mill. By the 1930’s Robert had moved on to buying, selling and milling corn. He formed great relationships with local farmers through loaning out agricultural equipment and helping out with labour during harvest times. Robert’s sons joined the business, along with their wives, as it flourished into the 1950’s. In 1995 the company expanded leading to the move from the remote Bretherton site to its current, much larger home, Globe Mill at Midge Hall. 

The move gave the Bamford family the opportunity to increase investment in people and seed production machinery. Bird food mixtures and manufacturing soon developed at a larger scale, helping the company to achieve continued growth as a nationwide supplier. 

2024 is a year of international ambition and determination for the company. Whilst already exporting to the Republic of Ireland and Kuwait, Bamfords has a mission to spread the Top Flight brand across Europe and beyond. To start this process the team exhibited at the Pigeon Olympiad Trade Show at the MECC in Maastricht in mid-January. The expert advice and support supplied by the Chamber of Commerce resulted in a smooth and successful operation when dealing with the declaration and entry requirements necessary to make the trip a success. A complication at Rotterdam Port was quickly resolved with a phone call to Paul Walters who very effectively dealt with the situation. 

We were welcomed with both interest and excitement from the company’s Dutch Ambassadors Gilbert, Paul and Annemie Heinjen at the beginning of an epic three days. Foreign trade enquiries flooded the stand and the curiosity and inquisitiveness generated by a new brand was palpable. The opportunity to witness how a highly renowned global event facilitates both the exhibitors and the visitors was incredibly encouraging and informative.

Back at Bamfords, follow up conversations are now flowing with potential new markets which have been identified from the networking activities. We now have the opportunity and momentum to make Globe Mill truly Global! The event has given the business the belief that they have the right products to enter and compete in new international markets. The expertise afforded to us by the Chamber of Commerce has imbued confidence and enthusiasm in our staff to achieve positive export outcomes. 

The whole experience has been rewarding and invaluable and we have two clear objectives. We now look to create a successful international dimension to our business at Bamfords and also add value to the north west economy’s global trading platform.