The sooner you’re better,
the better

At Spire Fylde Coast Hospital, we are proud to deliver outstanding, personalised care to our patients. We achieve this by providing consultant level care for all our patients and speed of access to outpatient appointments, surgery and diagnostics, including MRI scans. We provide comprehensive diagnostic services and treatments in a comfortable and relaxed private hospital environment. We offer fast access to high-quality healthcare with consultants who are experts in their field. The hospital has provided care and treatment to patients from Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre and the North West of England for over 40 years. We specialise in orthopaedic, spinal surgery, ophthalmic, cosmetic general and ear, nose and throat surgery together with cardiology and neurology services. The hospital benefits from three operating theatres, one day surgery theatre with onsite diagnostics, pharmacy and GP services.

In more recent years, Spire Fylde Coast Hospital was awarded for its commitment to patient safety from the National Joint Registry. The National Joint Registry monitors the performance of hip, knee, ankle, elbow and shoulder joint replacement operations to improve clinical outcomes primarily for the benefit of patients, but also to support orthopaedic clinicians and industry manufacturers. The Hospital Director at Spire Fylde Cost Hospital commented “We fully support the National Joint Registry’s work in facilitating improvement in clinical outcomes and governance for the benefit of joint replacement patients and we’re delighted to be awarded as an “NJR Quality Data Provider.”

People from all over travel to Spire Fylde Coast Hospital for the expertise and care they receive. A businessman from Yorkshire, Julien Billington commiserated his experience with the hospital as faultless after receiving two knee surgeries after a motorcycle accident during his holiday. Julien recited “The whole hospital experience was superb; all the staff are wonderful; the facilities and the food are excellent. I honestly could not fault it at all.”

Another major success story that hospital commiserated in was treating one of Britain’s top fighter test pilot after a spinal injury that caused him to almost end his career. It was thanks to his consultant orthopaedic surgery and diagnostics that Paul Stone was able to avoid life changing surgery and get back in the sky. Paul had suffered two prolapsed discs which can often lead to major surgery needing months to years to recover from. Paul spoke on the success “it has been wonderful to be able to find a way to manage the condition through physiotherapy, most significantly for me as it meant I was able to continue flying.”

In 2021 Spire Fylde Coast invested £1.5m in a new MRI scanner. The MRI scanner speeds up diagnoses for patients with cancer and other diseases with intension to alleviate pressure on private and NHS waiting lists. The new equipment uses the latest technology, which means that it will take less time to complete scans, meaning more patients can be seen for a diagnosis than in the past. The new equipment is much wider inside than other scanners, and so is more comfortable for patients.

At Spire Healthcare, clinical standards are our first and foremost priority. In September 2019 we received a “Good” overall rating from CQC inspection report. We’re proud of the cleanliness of our hospitals and centres. All Spire hospitals are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and are required to meet the rigorous standards set for registered hospitals. We are pleased to receive high patient satisfaction results with their overall experience as good or very good at 97% patient satisfaction and 81% patient experience rating.

The hospital is committed to maintaining the highest standards for their patients, ensuring that they continue to invest and upgrade their equipment. Mike Sarson, Hospital Director at Spire Fylde Coast, spoke on future developments stating “At Spire Fylde Coast Hospital we pride ourselves on being able to offer a high standard of patient care, and to enable us to continue to offer this, we continue to invest in our estate. In 2024 we have planned a £1m investment to retrofit laminar flow ultra clean ventilation into our 3rd theatre. This will allow us to increase our capacity for orthopaedic and spinal surgical patients, so that we can support patient needs in the geographical area.”

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