Business travel: love it or hate it. While many people see it as a perk, especially when they get to combine business and leisure, frequent business travellers often find it inconvenient, even uncomfortable.
Traveling for business can be challenging but the experienced traveller know that they can make life easier when they follow certain rules.

1. Check your company’s business travel policy
Make sure to check your company’s rules, procedures, and do’s & don’ts when it comes to corporate travel. Which include things such as where to book your trip, who needs to approve it, what expenses you can claim a refund for, and how the refund process works.

2. Stick to carry-on bags only
This can easily help you save lots of extra time. If you want to avoid losing an average 30 minutes at the baggage claim, or even having to go through the hassle of your suitcase being lost, then keep it simple, pack light, and stick to carry-on luggage.

3. Keep your essentials packed and ready to go in your suitcase
Keep your essential items, such as toiletries and medicines, always at hand and ready to pack. If you travel often, it’s a great idea to keep these items in a case which you only use for your trips. If you’re traveling abroad, chances are the electric plug system is different. Make sure you pack an international power adapter to connect your devices.

4. Keep your essentials handy when on the road
Boarding passes, IDs, important documents, your phone, agenda, credit card, wallet… Pack them together where you can always easily find them when you need them.

5. Pack both business attire and casual clothes
Even if the dress code at your meetings is always business attire, there might be occasions when you’ll have to dress casual too—and you don’t want to “waste” business clothes for these occasions.

6. Keep security checks in mind when you pack
Security checks can be very strict, with all liquids, electronics, and even chargers often being required to be taken out of your suitcase. To ensure you make your way through security checks as quickly as possible, keep all items to be checked at security ready to unpack when the time comes.

7. Make comfort a priority
Whether it’s your bags, your clothes, your meals, or your sleep, make sure you have all the basics you need in order to feel comfortable during your trip.

8. Sign up for rewards programs
Make sure you check out the advantages you can benefit from as a frequent flyer, which could really upgrade the quality of your trip! Membership can sometimes give you interesting perks even if you haven’t saved any points yet.

9. Make sure you charge your electronic devices
Charge all your electronic devices before leaving your house, and even throughout the trip when possible. You never know when a delay, cancellation, or work-related issue that requires you to use your phone might come up!

10. Fly non-stop and choose your plane seat wisely
Whenever possible, choose non-stop flights and avoid layovers. You’ll spend less time traveling and you’ll be able to arrive better rested. Your seat selection can make a difference between a decent and an uncomfortable flight. There are dedicated websites where you can find the best and worst seat for your flight in particular.

11. Make use of airport lounges
Offering a comfortable space, Wi-Fi connection, plugs, food, drinks, showers, and sometimes even spas, airport lounges can definitely enhance your business travel experience!

12. Do your research on foreign business etiquette
Depending on where you’re traveling, business etiquette can be very different from your own country so make sure to check the basic rules beforehand.